WANCE focuses on the physical performance of student uniforms test solutions

School uniforms testing in WANCE universal testing machine

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Construction will soon begin on the first phase of a high-speed rail line along the Hubei river

All kinds of WANCE Automatic testing machines

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DIT122Z-1 drop weight impact testing machine

Application and properties of diamond composite sheet

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Test methods for bending fatigue of wire ropes

WANCE bending fatigue testing machine for wire rope

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WANCE Wuhan new facility starts mass production

WANCE Wuhan starts mass production. In the next few months, plenty of machines will be assembled to meet increasing demands from China market, while COVID-19 has very small influences.

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Stranded wire tensile test

Wance offers tensile testing machine and stress relaxation testing machine for stranded wire.

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How to improve creep test accuracy

High temperature test Tensile property is one of the main performance indexes of metal materials, among which yield, tensile strength and other parameters are the most representative mechanical performance indexes of metal materials, and also the important basis for stress calculation in engineering design and mechanical design. For the metal materials used in high temperature environment such as aeroengines, pressure vessels, nuclear power equipment and heat pipelines, high-temperature tensile performance data is the most basic and essential assessment data.

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WANCE Wuhan new facility opening ceremony

At 8:00 a.m. on July 13, 2020, WANCE Wuhan R&D and manufacturing facilty held a trial operation ceremony, marking that Hubei Wance Testing Machine Co., Ltd. will officially put into production and operation from today after three years of construction.

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Automated tensile testing system

WANCE offers various test solutions to improve test efficiency. More and more machines are equipped with automation system. The system function mainly covers the specimen size automatic measurement, automatic clamping, automatic clamping extensometer, tensile test fracture sample completion, automatic unloading and sorting, automatic test data processing and calculation, and display a variety of curve, data automatic storage and upload to the server, and other functions.

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Automatic melt flow indexer

Automatic melt flow indexer Standards: ISO1133, ASTM D1238, ASTM D3364, BS2782, DIN53735, JIS K7210

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WANCE Wuhan back to work normally

Spring returns to the earth, spring flowers bloom, as the hubei epidemic prevention and control situation continues to improve, was pressed the "pause" button in wuhan, began to slowly restore the vitality of the past.

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WANCE impulse testing solutions to new energy industries

With the rapid development of productivity, the energy consumption is also increasing, new energy is getting more and more attention from the society, the country also vigorously develop clean, pollution-free, renewable energy technology, new energy development scale is also growing.In recent years, WANCE current pressure testing systems lead new energy products detection

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