WANCE: Material Testing Machines Manufacturer

2000KN servo-hydraulic universal testing machine installed in UK

In July, WANCE installed one 2000kN servo-hydraulic universal testing machine in United kingdom.

2018-08-05 More

WANCE testing machines are installed in Shan Dong Steel Group

Shan Dong Steel Group bought 6 sets of pendulum impact testing machine, 2 sets of bending testing machine.​ All testing machines are properly installed and commissioned.

2018-08-05 More

HBT105B bending testing machine in HBIS Group

2018-07-08 More

Bending testing machine installed in Chelyabinsk Pipe Rolling (Russia)

WANCE distributor NPF AVEK successfully installed 1000kN bending testnig machine in Chelyabinsk Pipe Rolling.

2018-05-14 More

Pendulum tester installed in ESTM Russia

WANCE distributor in Russia successfully installed 300J pendulum impact testing machine for ESTM Russia.

2018-04-27 More

WANCE testing machines in Quality Control Consultants Ltd

Quality Control Consultants Ltd (QCC Hongkong) has bought 1000kN and 2000kN servo hydraulic universal testing machine, 1 set of 50kN electromechanical universal testing machine, 1 set of 450J pendulum impact testing machine, and 1 set of Charpy notch broacher. All these machines are working properly.

2018-04-13 More

WANCE testing machines in Fugro MateriaLab

Fugro Materiallab Hongkong has bought 3 sets of 100kN UTM, 2 sets of 200kN UTM, 1 set of 2000kN UTM, and 1 set of pendulum impact testing machine. All these machines are working properly.

2018-04-12 More

Dextra 1000kN UTM installation

April 4, WANCE engineers finished installation, commissioning and training of 1000kN servo hydraulic universal testing machine in Dextra Thailand. This machine passed calibration by National Institute of Metrology (Thailand) (NIMT) with accuracy class A (ASTM) and Class 0.5 (ISO).

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Philippine ATLANTA

Philippine ATLANTA bought one ETM104B 10kN universal testing machine for plastic pipe tension and compression test.

2018-03-09 More

SGS Thailand

SGS Thailand bought one 50KN electromechanical universal testing machine for products test.

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Vietnam Formosa Ha Tinh steel

Wance successfully installed eight machines for Vietnam Formosa Ha Tinh steel factory, including 50000J drop weight impact testing machine, 750J drop weight impact testing machine, 2000kN servo-hydraulic compression testing machine, 50kN universal testing machine, 1000kN bending testing machine, 500kN bending testiing machine, DWTT notch making achine, and Charpy notch making machine.

2016-04-19 More

5000J pendulum for Nucor steel

Wance successfully installed one 5000J pendulum impact testing machine for Nucor Steel Hertford Co. in USA. And it is the highest energy pendulum used in USA right now. This 5000J pendulum meets ASTM E604 -Standard Test Method for Dynamic Tear Testing of Metallic Materials.Nucor Corporation (NYSE: NUE) is one of the largest steel producers in the United States, and the largest of the "mini-mill" operators (those using electric arc furnaces to melt scrap steel, as opposed to companies operating integrated steel works with blast furnaces). Nucor claims to be North America's largest recycler of any material, recycling one ton of steel every two seconds.

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