Pendulum impact tester installed in Gunung Steel

WANCE successfully installed one 750J pendulum impact testing machine in Gunung Steel.

2019-06-20 More

Technical university of Liberec.

WANCE distributor in Czech Republic successfully installed one 450J pendulum impact testing machine for Technical university of Liberec.

2019-04-23 More

450J pendulum impact tester installation in UK

2019-04-10 More

4 Universal Testing Machines Installation in Mainetti UK

2019-04-10 More

Universal Testing Machine Installation in R&H UK

2019-04-10 More

ETM204C installed at Yanfeng India

WANCE installed one 20kN electromechanical universal testing machine with extended width in YANFENG India.

2018-12-14 More

Almeer Kuwait for UTM and Pendulum Impact Tester

2018-10-23 More

WANCE testing machines in EXOVA

Last week, WANCE installed one 100kN Electromechanical Universal Testing Machine and 450J Pendulum Impact Tester for Exova Oman. Exova Group Limited has become part of Element Materials Technology, one of the world’s most highly respected materials testing and product qualification testing businesses. Exova provides technically demanding laboratory-based testing, calibration and related services across 11 key customer sectors.

2018-09-26 More

Hydrostatic pressure tester installed in Tweetop Poland

In September 2018, WANCE successfully installed one hydrostatic burst testing machine in Tweetop Poland.

2018-09-25 More

10kn universal testing machine in Fisher & Paykel

Fisher & Paykel designs and manufactures award-winning home appliances. They bought 10kN electromechanical universal testing machine Co., Ltd. from WANCE in 2013. In August, our engineer had a full maintenance of this machine.

2018-08-23 More

1000kN Servo Hydraulic Testing Machine in Philippines

1000kN Servo Hydraulic Testing Machine in Philippines

2018-08-20 More

2000KN servo-hydraulic universal testing machine installed in UK

In July, WANCE installed one 2000kN servo-hydraulic universal testing machine in United kingdom.

2018-08-05 More