ETT-A Series bolt torsion

This series torsion testing machine is specifically designed for bolt torque / clamp force test.

1.    Features

l  Torque is measured by high-accuracy and high-stability transducer

l  AC servo motor driver offers infinitely variable speed transmission

l  It can apply positive and negative torque on specimen

l  Over-load protection

l  Emergency stop button

l  Automatic removing initial clamping force

l  Automatic calculation after test

l  Angle measurement can automatically recognize upper and lower yield point of materials

l  DSP based control system, integrating measurement with control

l  Fully closed-loop control of load, displacement and extension

l  Professional test software allows data analysis and graph plot, report print and export.

l  Live display of torque, angle and speed

2.     Standards:

ISO16047, BS EN 14399-2, GB/T 1231, GB/T 3623

3.    Parameters


Qing Hai University