HUT-C stranded wire tensile testing machine

Load Frame Configuration:

6 columns, servo-controlled hydraulic



Test Space:

Dual zone (tension on top, compression on bottom)

Typical specimens:

Fasteners, rebar, chain, welds, castings, stranded steel wire


Load frame

Ø  Specially designed longer jaw face for tensile test of stranded steel wire

Ø  Lead screw driven crosshead to adjust the test space

Ø  High-Stiffness 6-column load frame design incorporates 3-position crosshead, adjustable specimen positioning, precision guide columns, thick crosshead and base beam minimizes load frame stored energy while producing reliable, stable, accurate load, strain and modulus values.

Ø  Ergonomically designed load frames ensure safety, reduce operator fatigue, and provide the highest level of flexibility.

Ø  Standard Dual Zone Test Space for reducing setup time

Ø  "Quick Return" hydraulic valve for higher throughput

Ø  Automatic limit checking for crosshead position, overload, over temperature, over voltage, etc.

Ø  The system can return automatically, the oil cylinder can return the original position via manual or automatically after finishing testing

Ø  Positive specimen holding is ensured by the wedge action of hydraulic operated grips

Ø  Imported encoder mounted on the seat is for position measurement of crosshead with high accuracy

Ø  Imported servo valve provides high stability and reliability


Load cell

1.       Use strain gauge load cell technology to measure the force being applied to specimen. The load cell is located in the lower grip and is used to directly measure tensile force. 

2.       High precise load cell measures and captures sensitively tension and compression force, high accuracy load measurement resolution reaches 1/500000 with no steps.

3.       Famous brand load cell ensures high precision and repeatability.



   Stranded wire manufacture, construction test lab.