2000kN universal testing machine installed in Stanger HK

Stanger is a leading HOKLAS Accredited testing laboratory providing a wide range of testing, inspection, calibration, monitoring, chemical and consultancy services for construction, building materials, and architectural products.  It has developed significant expertise in co···

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2000KN universal testing machine installed in HK PrometLab

Both members of Lee Kee Group, Promet Metals Testing Laboratory Limited and Promet Consultancy Company Limited have evolved to meet a wide range of market needs on technical services. While Promet Metals Testing Laboratory Limited focuses on providing testing and analys···

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2000KN universal testing machine installed in Macau LECM

Civil Engineering Laboratory of Macau (LECM) was established in 1988 to provide civil construction firms and Macau society with technical supports in civil engineering, laboratorial testing and calibration services. It is an institution that actively participates in the developme···

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2000KN UTM installed in Admaterials Technologies Pte. Ltd. Singapore

Admaterials Technologies Pte Ltd is an advanced materials testing laboratory accredited by the Singapore Accreditation Council. Admaterials Technologies Pte Ltd provides complete solutions for wide range of construction and related fields, we specialize mainly, but not restricted···

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Fully complete sets of testing machines installed

Recently, a full set of material mechanical properties testing equipment developed and produced by WNACE. successfully passed the acceptance of a domestic university laboratory.The complete sets of testing machines include electromechanical universal testing machine, servo-hydrau···

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Concrete of new technology to reduce carbon emissions

As one of the main causes of global warming, carbon dioxide has been the focus of international climate and environmental issues. In recent years, the world Conference on the prevention of global warming has been held every year. It can be seen that how to further strengthen···

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2000kN UTM installed sucessfully in KDA, Bangladesh

                          2000kN UTM installed sucessfully in KDA, BangladeshKhulna Development Authority (KDA) is a governing body in Khulna City. It was established by an ordinance of East Pakistan government call···

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2000kN UTM and 300kN Bending Machine installed successfully in GPH ISPAT Bangladesh

GOD FEARING, PLAIN LIVING, HIGH THINKING, this is GPH. GPH Ispat Ltd. One of the leaders of Bangladesh in manufacturing steel promises a super strong future and economy with its world –class products. Not only structural bar, but GPH Ispat Ltd. is also one of the producers of low···

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750J pendulum Charpy impact tester with 900℃ furnace

In order to study material performance under dynamic impact at high temperature, WANCE testing machine #www.wance.net# developed one 750J pendulum impact testing machine with 900℃ furnace. It is equipped with pneumatic sample charging and feeding system, and instrumentation syste···

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Pendulum impact tester installed in Gunung Steel

In May, WANCE installed one 750J pendulum impact testing machine in Gunung Steel Group. Gunung Steel Group is located in West Cikarang Bekasi, on the province of West Java, Indonesia. The head office and mills are situated on an industrial area spanning over 200 hectares. Ou···

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