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   WANCE was founded in 2011, is a collection of research and development, manufacturing, sales, services and professional mechanical performance testing solutions to provide, implementation as one of the national high-tech enterprises. Its subsidiaries include Shenzhen WANCE, Shanghai WANCE, Hubei WANCE and Beijing WANCE.   

WANCE has total more than 500 staffs. Headquarter is located in Shenzhen. WANCE has R&D centers and manufacturing facilities in Shenzhen, and Wuhan respectably.  

    The company has passed and obtained ISO9001 quality system certification, ISO14000 environmental management system certification, occupational health and safety management system certification, CE certification. WANCE has participated in draft, compilation, revision of more than 30 industry standards. More than 100 patents were filed and more than 50 patents were granted. With its powerful technology, professional services and rapid development, WANCE has been fully recognized by governments at all levels and all sectors of society.

    As the leading manufacturer in testing machine industry, WANCE has been adhering to the product technology research and development and innovation, and constantly on the original basis to develop better quality products. The product ranges: robotic tensile testing machine, robotic pendulum impact testing machine, robotic compression testing machine, automatic tensile testing machine, electromechanical universal testing machine, creep and stress rupture testing machine, stress relaxation testing machine, horizontal tensile testing machine, servo hydraulic universal testing machine, servo hydraulic compression testing machine, servo hydraulic compression shear testing machine, rebar bend/rebend testing machine, pendulum impact testing machine, drop weight impact testing machine, fatigue testing machine, dead weight / build-up force calibration machine, torsion testing machine, impulse testing machine, hydrostatic pressure testing machine, air leakage testing machine, impact transducers, etc.

    Our products, services, and solutions are widely used in R&D, quality analysis and quality control field, covering testing equipment, testing technology and transfer system of a quantitative value. Customers cover aero-space, mechanical manufacture, vehicle, ship, construction, biological materials, college, universities, research institutes, national quality inspection institutes, export and import inspection institutes. We are keeping tight cooperation with all factories, research institutes, and quality inspection organizations, and providing high quality products and services along with customer uptime demands.

    From small melt flow indexer to big 100000J drop weight impact testing machine, WANCE relies on years of industrial expertise and creative technical team, delivering the greatest test support and confidence to customers across a wide range of fields. WANCE is committed to accelerating the innovation of test technology and test equipment, to supporting research projects, to motivating enterprises in brand development and improvement, and products selling in global market.

    We are committed to providing complete products and solutions deeply and widely. WANCE will be your primary and reliable partner!