• Video extensometer

    VE series video extensometer Features:Rich application tools: point, line, torsion line, bending line, extreme line, cross line, line strain distribution, data post-processing, crack length measurement, full-fi···

  • High temperature extensometer

    This extensometer has been designed as a highly accurate, stable measuring device for high temperature tensile tests in a split furnace. The measuring accuracy meets the requirements of the ISO 9513 class 0.5. ···

  • Clip-on extensometer

    WANCE designs and manufactures clip-on strain gauge type of extensometer which provides cost effective solution for extension measurement.It includes different gauge length and strain range options to suit a wi···

  • Auto transverse extensometer

    This high-resolution transverse strain measurement allows determination of r value in ISO 10113.• No moving mechanical parts are used, maintenance free• No specimen marking is required – AE202T uses advanced ed···

  • Automatic axial extensometer

    Functions:Automatic extensometer is used for automatic measurement of specimen extension during tensile tests, including axial and transverse measurement. The axial part can automatically adjust gauge length, c···