The seminar on fatigue testing machine was successfully held

On November 24, 2023, the beautiful river city of Wuhan welcomed guests from all over the world. Nearly 300 teachers, experts and scholars from all over the country gathered in the beautiful river city of Wuhan to explore the equipment technology in the field of fatigue testing, ···

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The scientific and technological achievements appraisal meeting of WANCE servo-hydraulic fatigue testing machine was successfully held - the core technology reached the international leading level

On November 23, 2023, China Machinery Industry Federation held a scientific and technological achievement appraisal meeting on "servo-hydraulic fatigue testing machine" developed by Shenzhen WANCE Testing Machine Co., LTD., in Wuhan, Hubei Province. Evaluation of 25kN, ···

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High cycle fatigue test

1. High cycle fatigueHigh cycle fatigue refers to the fatigue life of the load cycle cycle is relatively high, generally more than 50,000 times. The cyclic stress level loaded on the part or member is relatively low, the maximum cyclic stress is generally less than the yield stre···

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HANCE obtained CNAS testing laboratory qualification recognition

Lotus wind to send aroma, bamboo dew drops ringing. Recently, Wuhan HANCE was approved by the China National Accreditation Service for Conformity Assessment (CNAS) testing laboratory, CNAS laboratory accreditation certificate has been approved on July 28, recently officially anno···

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Hubei WANCE was selected into the 2023 list of "new species" gazelle enterprises of Hubei Science and Technology Innovation

Recently, the Hubei Provincial Department of Science and Technology announced the list of "new species" enterprises of science and innovation in Hubei Province in 2023. Hubei WANCE successfully entered the list of gazelle enterprises in 2023.  "Gazelle enterpr···

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Mr. Ma Zhenzhu, chairman of China Building Materials General Institute, visited WANCE

 In September, the sky is high and the clouds are light. Recently, Mr. Ma Zhenzhu, chairman of China Building Materials Science Research Institute Co., Ltd. visited WANCE. Ms. Fang Xianming, President of WANCE, warmly received.China Building Materials Scientific Research Ins···

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2021-2022 share holder meeting

 On July 30, WANCE holds share holding meeting in Wuhan.  In the face of the epidemic and complex market environment, all shareholders and employees overcame difficulties and made strenuous efforts on the two fronts of epidemic prevention and control and production···

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Warmly congratulates WANCE Wuhan R&D and Manufacturing Base phase III project commencement ceremony and technical exchange meeting successfully held

On the morning of June 8, the commencement ceremony and technical exchange meeting of WANCE Wuhan R&D and Manufacturing Base Phase III was held as scheduled.  Nearly 200 customer representatives and industry experts from iron and steel metallurgy, aviation and milit···

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Warmly celebrate the WANCE intelligent reinforcement test system in Maoming construction project quality inspection station officially put into use

On the morning of June 21, 2022, the intelligent reinforcement test system tailored for Maoming Construction project quality Testing Station by WANCE Company was officially delivered and successfully put into use.  The delivery ceremony was held in Maoming Housing and U···

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DIT122Z-1 drop weight impact testing machine

Application and properties of diamond composite sheet Diamond compact (PDC) as a new type of composite material, although only decades development history, but because of its high hardness, good wear resistance characteristics, are widely used in oil drilling, ···

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